OnCore Golf announces partnership to launch iCaddy

We’re excited to team up with David Grieshaber, to assist in the development, marketing and launch of iCaddy!

iCaddy is a golfer’s dream app designed for Google Glass and is patent-pending.  The app uses advanced optics within the Google Glass system to analyze a golfer’s distance to the green, wind conditions, scoring, and make club selection recommendations, just like a live caddy would.

iCaddy...do you?
iCaddy…do you?

iCaddy’s founder, David Grieshaber, discusses the app’s significance;

“Put very simply, the iCaddy, does everything a real caddy would do, except carry your bag, all in the viewpoint of your Google Glasses.  I’ve watched the team at OnCore for a couple of years of now and always admired the way they push creative boundaries with their brand and their marketing approach. It made perfect sense to team with them and apply some of that creativity to the iCaddy!” 

Below is a point of view picture showcasing your view on the putting green through the glasses….wow!

View on putting green through Google Glasses
View on putting green through Google Glasses

The OnCore/iCaddy team expect to have the app on the market later this year; concurrent with the planned release timing of the Google Glass devices.


Check out www.iCaddy.com to learn more.