Magical OnCore Golf Ball…

I came across this study on lucky charms and their ability to effect a golfer’s performance. The results are pretty fascinating and I am trying to think of a way to bless every OnCore ball with good luck…any ideas?

In a test conducted by researchers from the University of Cologne, participants on a putting green who were told they were playing with a “lucky ball” sank 6.4 putts out of 10, nearly two more putts, on average, than those who weren’t told the ball was lucky. That is a 35% improvement. The results suggest new thinking in how to view luck and are intriguing to behavorial psychologists.

“Our results suggest that the activation of a superstition can indeed yield performance-improving effects,” says Lysann Damisch, co-author of the Cologne study, set to be published in the journal Psychological Science. The sample size, just 28 university students, was small, but the effect was big enough to be statistically significant.

The folks over at Wannabe Golfer must have intuitively understood this effect when they created the “Lucky Bastard” golf ball-