Let The Games Begin

The dew had just cleared from the practice putting green, when I overheard Vijay Singh proposition a fellow tour pro to a  $1,000 dollar putting contest. The pro responded he would make a go at it for $100, Vijay laughed and walked away.

I had one other funny encounter with Vijay while he was at the driving range- I tossed him an OnCore ball and said “give the world’s first hollow metal core ball a whack.”  Vijay was walking off the range at this point and swung his wedge with one hand gripping the club, back handed,  smacking the ball out onto the range. I am pretty sure the ball was still moving when he hit it – He said nothing and walked away…

As the day progressed and fans started pouring in to catch the first round of the Justin Timberlake Shriners Childrens Hospitals Openwe rolled out some canvas to begin an experimental piece of art. The idea was simple- have fans dip the OnCore ball into paint and putt the ball across a canvas.

OnCore artist, Brian Khiragis, spearheaded the execution of this modern masterpiece. The heads of Shriners Hospitals participated, along with the children from the hospital, and a host of fans joined in on the fun.  The painting was donated to Shriners Hospital. We will definitely be rolling this out on a larger canvas at our next event! 

I was able to grab a quick photo with last years winner Kevin Na.

Brian began work on a tribute piece to Justin Timberlake and fiance Jessica Biel

Another funny moment came when we jokingly told fans walking by Justin Timberlake was in our booth- not expecting anyone to take the bait. A gentleman walked in and proceeded to ask Bret for an autograph. Bret not realizing what we had said outside the booth was ecstatic and proceeded to sign the ball. We let Bret in on the Joke, and he got a good laugh out of it and the fan just seemed happy to have a signed ball. We gave him a free shirt and hat. 
OnCore Fans Rock
We ended the night with a team trip to the strip- Hotel Paris, keeping it steel.