Launch Party In The B-Low

On Thursday, Bret and I waited anxiously for Roberto Clemente Jr., Temryss Lane and Rick Barry to all arrive at the Buffalo International Airport. It was the eve before our big event at The City Wine Merchant, only to be followed by an even bigger event at The Paddock Golf Dome.  Our official launch and public demonstration of the Omen™ golf ball! 

That night we went out for an amazing dinner at a great Buffalo restaurant- Lombardo’s – and discussed strategy for the big weekend ahead.  As entertainment during dessert, Roberto stuffed a cork in an empty wine bottle and then demonstrated how he could remove it with a napkin…. (pretty impressive trick!).  Rick, not to be outdone, showed us his own cork trick (you will have to take Rick out to dinner to demonstrate this one).  After a great meal and some quality team time, we retired to our respective houses and hotels. 

The next morning Temryss, her first time in Buffalo, had the opportunity to see Niagara Falls. She loved It!

Temryss Lane and Lindsey of KC You There







Temryss Lane and Lindsey of KC You There.

Niagara Falls







Niagara Falls

Before the meet and greet could get under way the team had an on-air appearance with Channel 4 news. Roberto, Rick and Bret introduced The Omen to the audience and as Bret said  ” It’s bad news for the competition!.”

Omen vs. Traditional Golf Ball





Hollow Core Omen vs. Traditional Golf Ball (also featured our new dozen box!)

I donned my “expert” cap and gave a “wing tip” to help golfers make more putts!  Keep your head down after you strike the putt! Most golfers tend to follow the putt with their head/eyes right after they hit it. Avoid doing this and you will save a stroke or two! (Oh did I mention try playing an Omen too?) The media will air next week so keep your eyes our for it or check back here where we will post it!

WIVB-TV - The Omen
Left to right (Rick Barry, Roberto Clemente Jr., Bret Blakely, and Channel 4 Anchor)

After the morning media interviews, Rick Barry ( Hall of Fame NBA player and Media Beast!) gave a phenomenal radio interview on The Omen; listen here @ WGR sports;

Later in the day, we hosted a “meet and greet” for some local VIPs at the City Wine Merchant.  Our thanks to Eric Genau, owner, who graciously offered the use of his facility, and to Encore Restaurant (a pure coincidence!) who catered the OnCore event!

Temryss and Roberto Clemente Jr.







Temryss and Roberto Clemente Jr.

Temryss Lane









I can’t tell whose better looking…Temryss or The Omen?

The final event at The Paddock Golf dome was a huge success.  We sold out all of our product on hand within 24 hours of the event after golfers,having had a chance to step up and actually demo the ball, decided it was time to make themselves better golfers with a purchase! All feedback was positive and everyone got a kick out of seeing Rick Barry (3 time Remax long drive champ) crush The Omen!

Rick Barry
Rick Barry (3 time Remax long drive champ) crushes The Omen!

For an even bigger kick- we watched Keith Blakely  (seasoned entrepreneur and OnCore’s CEO) tee it up!

Keith Shoots
Keith Blakely tees it up!

Channel Four also came out to cover our event at the Paddock Golf Dome.

Many of the golfers that purchased the ball Saturday went right out and began playing with it.  The response has been so positive that we have posted just a few of the emails under our “Testimonial” page on the OnCore website.  Take a look and see why everyone is so excited (including us!) about what this ball can do for your game.