Embrace Golf

The final embrace of Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera capped off a truly dynamic 2013 Masters.  An unbelievable finish for both players and everyone who’s played a sport can certainly appreciate the gracious demeanor and character of Cabrera after his defeat.  It was a great moment for sports fans around the world, to see two formidable contenders embracing each other and walking off the 10th green with their arms around each other.

Adam Scott Wins 2013 Masters

Next time you come up short, rather than tossing your putter into the lake, take a lesson from Angel and shrug it off with a smile. I know what you’re thinking- it’s way easier to just toss the freaking putter…I’m right there with you. Golf has the funny ability to make fools out of even the best players in the world …take for instance Bubba Watson, defending Masters Champion, carding a 10 on the par 3 #12 hole and Kevin Na, another PGA Pro, duffed  his way to a 16 on a hole in the Valero Texas Open a few years back. On Tiger’s worst day, it’s conceivable any Joe Blow golfer could beat him….


Tiger Time

I don’t think you could ever beat Jordan in one on one, no matter how off he’s playing. Golf is just that kind of sport…It continues to mystify us all on a daily basis.

On the flip side, without pain, there is no pleasure. There is nothing better than shooting lights out…it completely changes your week, not to mention your mood around the house and at work.  We just need that one great shot to keep us coming back for more. It’s addicting when things are going your way, and can be devastating when things go wrong. Try to keep your head up, remember it is just a game! Enjoy this golfing season like never before and really appreciate the exercise, the beautiful natural surroundings, and last but not least- the memorable moments with family and friends.


2013 Matsers
2013 Matsers