ELIXR Technology

Why OnCore?

With innovation from core to cover, we’re always adapting to the needs of the next generation of golfers. Our patented, perimeter-weighted golf ball technology is more accurate than our competition, off setting your miss hits and keeping your ball on the fairway. Our Avant and Caliber golf balls have already made major strides in the game of golf, and our newest edition, the ELIXR, will be second to none.

What makes the ELIXR different?

The combination of our polymer mantle infused with high density particles and the lower density composite core, we have been able to shift the weight away from the core of the ball and towards the perimeter. This weight shift maintains the backspin throughout the duration of the balls fight, keeping the ball in the air longer and adding distance to your shot. Other tour balls tend to shed backspin during flight from the air and turbulence, additionally, the ELIXR is more stable into winds and crosswinds.

By shifting the weight to the perimeter we’ve decreased the side spin on the ball, making miss-hits more forgivable. The reason the ELIXR’s side spin is reduced is because of the increase in MOI (moment of inertia) caused by the weight being closer to the perimeter. When a golf ball has a high MOI, it is more resistant to the ball twisting, reducing the impact of a bad hit better than any of our competitors golf balls. The urethane cover also creates a soft feel off the clubface, allowing for great control around the green.


The reviews on the ELIXR have been outstanding, a top senior amateur saying “If this ball was available now, I wouldn’t hesitate to put it in play. ELIXR is a great ball.” Other tour players have made claims stating the ELIXR is more stable than competitors, and has proved to have a much softer feel with chipping and putting.