Day 1- OnCore Squad Storms 2013 PGA Show



Day 1 of the 2013 PGA merchandise show concluded…looooong sigh. WOW our legs are killing, but we had a blast. Lots of media attention including interviews with the Back9,, and Channel 2. The whole team was pumped by the traffic our booth had and the opportunity to display our new hollow core technology- we are excited to catch the big dogs by surprise before they can bite!


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 BK The Artist painting the OnCore Logo 

We got a chance to catch up with Jeff Herold, OnCore adviser and CEO of Club Glove. Jeff had some great advice and wisdom for our team starting out the show. He is a master of branding and launching new products so to hear he was impressed with our booth was very encouraging. He almost regretted those kind words after tripping over Brian’s art setup, but his feedback allowed for some last minute booth adjusting 🙂 We also got to talk with Master PGA Professional and OnCore adviser Michael Hebron Sr.  The great part of attending the show is everyone and anyone in the industry is there in attendance.  The show is massive!

Having the booth all setup and day 1 behind us was such a relief. I think its fair to say the team added some grey hairs in the insanity involved in prepping for a show of this size. It was surreal leaving the Orlando convention center that day. All the hard work on display for the golfing world to see. Launching a new product, as a start-up, is no easy task. Big companies tend to make it look routine, but there is an incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. We want to launch products that people fall in love with and help redefine a sport in the process. We have the ambition, the road is paved, the only roadblock is fear- fear of failure, fear of the unknown, but we’re here to embrace all that and keep the forward progress on track. Life is here to be lived, enjoyed and success is knowing you gave it all, when others would have quit long ago.

The day was over before we knew it, literally no time to eat and our throats hurt from all the talking,  but it was all worth it! We are thankful for the interest and support from fans across the country. The team brought and gave everything we had and will keep you posted on highlights from Day 2 and 3.