Day 1- OnCore X Hamptons

Stony Brook Children's Hospital

The words, “We don’t often get these kind of requests,” from Mike Attard, Director of Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, sank deep into our hearts when he greeted us with his team. We were on the first floor of the hospital, equipped with golf clubs and painting supplies, ready to bring smiles to the faces of many of their patients. Our rag-tag bunch certainly stood out among the sea of white lab coats and medical charts. Our energy and excitement grew by the minute as we headed to the 11th floor where we set up our putting mats and paint brushes, ready to meet and entertain the kids.

Every time we do one of these events, we know that if we can put a smile on just one child’s face, especially one who is going through some tough times, we’ve accomplished something very special. We had the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of several kids, all of which were going through difficult treatments and were staying strong throughout the ordeal. It was a real blast seeing their eyes light up as they drained a putt, to a thunderous applause from the peanut gallery. Brian Kirhagis, OnCore’s artist, filled a special request for a painting of Spider Man from a young boy who was too shy to come play. The OnCore team is fortunate, and humbled beyond belief, to have the opportunity to visit sick children at the hospitals in the cities where we have tournaments to help bring joy to their lives, if only for a brief moment.

Stony Brook Hospital Staff X Team OnCore

After starting the trip on that beautiful note, we continued to head further east, with the windows down and singing the entire way to the Hamptons, our final destination. OnCore was set to be the official golf ball of the 9th Annual Hamptons Golf Classic.

We arrived at our home for the weekend, enamored by the view and ready to begin the creative process. I know what you’re thinking, “Work…? In the Hamptons?” Okay, so we had some fun along the way, but who says you can’t have fun while you’re spreading the story and mission of your company?

Team OnCore

 Our night was spent filming Brian as he created another masterpiece using the OnCore EVO as his “brush” on the beach as the sun set. You can view his work in the newest video on our YouTube channel. BK X ONCORE

Brian Kirhagis


We capped off the evening with a BBQ and some beach golf.  I don’t think we could have topped the first day of our trip to the Hamptons. The OnCore team is truly #Blessed.

Beach Golf

Fun In The Sun

We're Having A Terrible Time :)