Crowdsourcing Your Tour Ball



We want to welcome you to Project YTB (Your Tour Ball). What is Project YTB you may ask? Only the coolest thing in golf, and history in the making, but let’s leave those minor details to the side for a second…..Project YTB is the first ever effort to crowdsource a real Tour Ball. By leveraging the power and insight of the crowd (we’re referring to you plus others collectively) we hope to uncover certain valuable insights into your tour ball preferences that are not being met by other competitors on the market. We strive to push the boundaries of innovation and with your help we just might break em!

We could just develop our own proprietary tour ball design without your input, but honestly, what fun would that be? We want your input and playing expertise to make this a truly world class golf ball.

It is also important that we make sure we’re solving an unmet need in the marketplace and continue to disrupt the status quo. Thank you in advance for participating in the world’s first and only crowdsourced tour ball. Collectively your input sparks an idea that leads to an even more kick ass Tour ball- either way thank you for participating and helping us craft your tour ball!

Project YTB over and out.

Sincerely, Team OnCore

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