Crowdsourcing Design

On Valentines Day we posted a photo of our “Balls” in the shape of a heart. We then asked our Facebook fans to come up with their best captions. The best caption was due an OnCore Hat….Prepare to laugh…

OnCore x BK
OnCore Golf

Hearts aren’t meant to be hollow, but the best golf balls are (John)

A love so good, it deserves an OnCore (Tim)

My heart isn’t hollow…(Rob)

Golfing with OnCore will steel your heart (Tara)

Your are the Core of my heart (Thomas)

I have two submissions…a classy one and what really came to mind…1. Do you believe in love at first sight? 2. I just went from 6 to midnight…(Nick)

My balls have a heart on (Ash)

So much love so few balls (Rick)

“Just Schwing” with a picture of Garth from Wayne’s World (Mike)

Tell the man you love you would do it all over again….give him an OnCore!! (Sean)

Love’s at the core of everything…Even our (golf) balls (Preston) 

Steel (in) Love! (Brent)

The Core to ones body is their Heart… The Core to ones game is their Ball! (Stephen)

What shape are your balls in? (Kevin)


We loved them all and offered everyone a hat!

spread love!
spread love!

The Selection


This little experiment gave us some insight into the immense creativity our fan based offered. It got us thinking about a whole new set of design paradigms and how to tap into that dormant creativity our fans possessed.  We began to brainstorm and thought why don’t we involve our fans in as much of the design process as we can? After all, our packaging evolved from a fan based painting we did at the 2012 Justin Timberlake Shriners Open.


Your Swing, Our Ball, Its a Work of Art
Your Swing, Our Ball, Its a Work of Art

Sleeve Packaging

Our next project focused on crowdsourcing our fan base for their favorite OnCore Polo shirts. We got a tremendous response to this concept and our fans loved the engagement and being part of the creative process.

You can still vote on your favorites here-

Vote on Your Favorites
Vote on Your Favorites
Vote on Your Favorites
Vote on Your Favorites
Vote on Your Favorites

We just released our prototype OnCore Golf gloves and you can vote on your favorite designs here;


Get out & Vote
Get out & Vote


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Get out & Vote


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