Core Samples From The Climatologists….

If you thought you had a sweet man cave, wait until you see Doug’s, our chief technologist and inventor of The Omen. We went to see Doug for some core samples…and no we are not climatologists, I am reffering to the hollow metal core found in our golf balls.

Evil Geniuses Man Cave 

From the Belly of the Beast

Doug’s lab is housed in his garage (much like Bill Packard of Hewlett Packard got started!) and has been retrofitted allowing him to work through the winter. I am pretty sure he has every tool known to man in there. We needed to get some sectioned Omens from Doug so he threw the ball up in a vice and using a hack saw, sliced right through it. Next step was to sand down the sharp edges.


Sanding The Omen 

Check out the finished product next to a traditional rubber core ball.

Traditional Rubber Core (left) vs. Hollow Metal Core Omen

There have been very few revolutions in golf ball construction over the last several decades. Club design is a whole different story. Callaway made its mark on the golf world with the introduction of the Big Bertha which took the traditional solid persimmon wood driver and turned it into a (drum roll please) hollow metal driver. That’s what we are doing at OnCore with golf balls….taking the traditional solid rubber core golf ball and transforming it into a hollow metal core masterpiece.