Fried Egg Bunker Tips

Tips from OnCore LPGA teaching instructor Courtney Mahon on how to hit a fried egg bunker shot. Hood the club face, weight on front foot, ball in center of stance, steep angle of approach…simple right? Easier said than done so … Continued

Canadian Golf Professional Reviews AVANT

Nice reveiw on the Avant from Golf Professional Alex Toth  

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LPGA Pro – Jane Rah – visits OnCore Golf Headquarters

  Jane Rah, a talented LPGA Pro hailing from Los Angeles California, made her Buffalo debut at OnCore Golf Headquarters. She recently played at the Wegman’s LPGA Championship (June 3rd-9th),  saw our segment on Tee 2 Green, and decided to stop … Continued

OnCore Golf Q&A with Greg Baresel, PGA Instructor

  Greg Baresel was nominated for the Golf Digest Best Young Teachers List, is a contributing writer for Popgolf Magazine, has appeared in Golf Infuzion Magazine, as well as other various publications. OnCore was pleased to interview Greg, enjoy! Q) … Continued

OnCore Golf Q & A with Trillium Sellers

    Named one of America’s Best Young Teachers by Golf Digest, Trillium has a decade of experience as a golf instructor. We were lucky to get this interview…Enjoy! Q: You mentioned growing up being surrounded by artists, with your … Continued