Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry

We are very fortunate at OnCore to have amazing customers. Two military veterans, Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry, are a testament to that statement. Both are battling their own challenges after being in the military service but have a common … Continued

OnCore PGA Appreciation night

OnCore PGA Appreciation Night

Thank you to everyone that made it out this past weekend for our 2nd annual PGA Appreciation night. Local Golf Professionals supporting OnCore were invited out to a night of craft beers and food at Buffalo’s new Thin Man Brewery. … Continued

Love seeing these Reviews

We prides ourselves on building the most innovative and disruptive golf ball technologies- with that said when we get reviews like these, everyday, it feels good to share with the world! Chris B left the following 5 star review for … Continued

The Next Generation of Golfers Knows Where Its At

The era of Tiger ushered in a wave of youthful energy into the sport. Tiger’s father, Earl, showed parent’s just how early they needed to get their kids involved in golf if they ever wanted to play at an elite … Continued

Fried Egg Bunker Tips

Tips from OnCore LPGA teaching instructor Courtney Mahon on how to hit a fried egg bunker shot. Hood the club face, weight on front foot, ball in center of stance, steep angle of approach…simple right? Easier said than done so … Continued

Dare to be Different

What is it going to be like starting a company of your own?  That can be answered the same way you would answer the question, “What is it going to be like being a millennial?”. The answer is that you … Continued