Burma to Buffalo

In my spare time I teach ESL (English as a Second Language)  to two former Burmese refugees living here in Buffalo. Over the last year we have bonded outside of our weekly library lessons. A few weeks ago, one of my students Tha, asked if I would teach his two sons how to golf. The answer, of course, was a resounding YES!


Golfing Delaware Park

(I swear they were having fun!)


Having taught at a variety of golf camps growing up, and after playing golf for NYU, teaching others how to play was a natural extension of my love for the game. Some of my most vivid childhood memories were receiving my first set of golf clubs (after begging my dad for weeks), the frustration of  losing to my father, and that joyous inflection point where things started to click and I finally whooped his butt! Most golfers start off on a similar trajectory and once the golfing bug hits, it becomes one of the most addicting games on earth!

Watching these kids golf for the first time was  a visceral experience. My approach was to give some basic instruction and observe their natural tendencies, rather than overload them with technical jargon. Both boys were naturals from the first swing. It was awesome to watch how quickly they picked up the game and to see how much fun they were having. When playing, we often focus on technique over our innate abilities to hit the shot we see in our heads. By focusing on the former, we end up stifling our natural skill on the course.  Watching the kids deliver crisp wedge shots, lofting the ball effortlessly in the air time and time again, was pretty awesome!

My next objective is to find them both a set of golf clubs. If you, or anyone you know, has a set or any spare clubs you would like to donate,  please email me at steve@oncoregolf.com.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will create lasting memories for these young Burmese – soon to be on tour – golfers! You might even be responsible for spawning the next Ricky Fowler – and for that, Team OnCore will be forever indebted!


All the best,


Team OnCore