Blank Canvas

From New York to Las Vegas

We arrived in Vegas, blank canvas in hand,  for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. After soaring through clouds of desire,  a sea of white walls awaited us- we began to ponder…how can we transform these walls, which we will be boxed up in for the next five days,  into something memorable? How can we engage fans so they keep coming back for more?  From day 1, we have said we want OnCore to be more personal, dynamic and creative than the industry giants. We will continue to live up to that mission and I will share with you over the next several days how we are breathing creative life into our vision and how we are capturing the imaginations of all those who follow.

But before we begin the journey, lets get down to the basics- nothing, and I mean nothing… get’s done without food…So naturally we started our Vegas soiree with a trip to the local Fresh & Easy in Summerlin.



Feeding a team of 9 is no small feat- fortunately for us, we had a poolside BBQ…But don’t let the pretty reflection in the water fool you. This was our nucleus, our home base,  a place of refuge, a place to have fun, a place to strategize and ultimately create.


We hunkered down for the night and organized a game plan for the next days Celebrity Pro-Am. We knew we needed to come out of the gate swinging and set the tone for the tournament.  Naturally we arrived on scene the next day to discover our shipments had been lost. Yea Houston, we have a problem….



As you can tell by Bret’s perplexed look…we thought we were royally screwed. As luck would have it, our shipments magically appeared…questions followed and we were told our boxes were cursed by Houdini himself and only appeared when the tournament director rubbed a magic lamp- we were completely satisfied with the response and began unloading our gear and organizing our booth- let the games begin!


Nothing gets your day going like an appearance from Big John Daly. One of my favorite players for his on and off the course antics, John certainly lived up to his name at this years JT Shriner’s Open.  He took a break from practicing chain smoking on the range and said hello. John is honestly one of our favorite PGA players- his life is an open book and people gravitate toward him because of his big heart.

After several early morning stumbles we found our footing and had our booth together. Judging by the fans who stopped by I will say we did pretty well. It didn’t hurt that we had some awesome giveaways on hand either. More to follow tomorrow- stay tuned!

Girls were photshoped in to make us look cool

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