Be Sure To Thank Your Local Priest!

We first met Priest Holmes down in Anguilla, while enjoying the sun and sand as we sponsored Ruben Browns Charity Golf Tournament. The Anguilla trip was an all around blast- what a setting for a round of golf and a good cause!

Team OnCore meets Priest Holmes in Anguilla 

Ruben Brown greets Priest Holmes on the boat from St. Martins to Anguilla 

Priest was the most down to earth guy in the room, an amazing feat when you consider what a phenom he was on the field during his NFL days. I guess Priest liked the work we did in Anguilla because a few months ago we got a request to be the ball sponsor for his foundations golf tournament. Be sure to check out the foundations website here;

Staley Farms Country Club – Kansas City, MO

The tournament got off to a great start with a warm introduction by Priest describing his foundation and the wonderful work they do for students in communities across Kansas City and San Antonio. Priest then went on to joke about how after playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and being under the constant scrutiny of fans and media, it was now his turn, from the comfortable confines of his golf cart, to critique and laugh at all those Kansas city duffers in attendance (check out the video footage here- )

Staley Farms CC

Prior to the  tournament golfers got to demo The Omen on a putting challenge.  The feedback was great and judging by the number of putts I saw drained I think the balls perimeter weighting really helped out! After the contest, we handed each golfer a sleeve for the course, the feedback after the round was overwhelmingly positive. Golfers who struggled with slices and hooks came back and asked where they could get more. They loved how the ball flew straighter and kept them in play.

Foundation Auction


Hanging with Priest Holmes

For tournament attendees we created a special promo code “holmes” for a 15% discount on all orders. This is now available to everyone, so be sure to thank your local Priest.  We had a great time at the event, and would like to thank all the great people involved who helped make the tournament a success.

Priest Holmes, Chris Chapman, Dave, Jeff Abraham, and Ruth Bigus – it was a pleasure working with all of you and we look forward to next years tournament!



Team OnCore