7 Key Performance Principles

What could an Olympic Gold Medalist possibly teach you about peak performance? Maybe a thing or two…right? Coach and Gold Medal Champion in whitewater slalom kayaking, Oliver Fix, wrote a fascinating article in “Spirituality and Health” and outlined 7 Key Performance Principles which we will share with you here. They just might help your golf game reach its peak level or another hobby you’re picking up, can’t hurt to put them to use.  I will quote directly from coach Oliver Fix for these phenomenal guidelines;

1) Practice Fundamentals First and Foremost– without constant attention to the basics, your peak performance will fall apart under peak pressure. I was still practicing basic forward strokes throughout my career.

2) Start Low to Leap High– the peak of your pyramid is directly proportional to the breadth of your base. If your base is wide, you’ll have the stability necessary to leap for an exceptional peak.

Pyramid of Success

3) Growth Happens During Recovery– training breaks you down. The goal of training -increased capacities-happens during recovery. To increase physical capacity try acupuncture, massage, and hot soaks. For mental and emotional improvement, study your log book, watch your videos, and have long conversations about what’s working and what’s not. And, of course, create time to leave it all behind with meditation, movies and pure fun.

4) Be Stronger Than Your Habits– complex movement patterns done consciously by the mind look awkward and disjointed, so they need to be committed to the body’s memory, usually through continuously optimized repetition. At the same time, growing, learning, depend heavily on your collaboration with your subconscious mind and your body intelligence. The goal is to become aware of your own autopilot.

5) Love Discomfort– realize that discomfort and pain is just information and learn to expand even smile into it. Once, when I first started training with a heart rate monitor, I practiced to keep my pulse constant while pulling at maximum effort. I pulled as hard as I could, unconsciously tensing my body with each stroke. Eventually I noticed the tension, relaxed the rest of my body, and my pulse dropped 10 beats for the same level of effort. Being open and relaxed, I could pull even harder, and embrace more discomfort! Keep in mind that elite athletes tend to be naturally resilient to physical pain, but psychological and emotional pain are often another story. Opening to that kind of pain is where these performers gain an edge.


6) Embody Flow– to be in the flow is about letting your whole self drive your actions- when body, mind, and emotions become coherent. You have to learn to let your mind take the backseat. At that time, the experience is total awakening.

7) Feel Like A WINNER– A result doesn’t make one a winner, but the moment-to-moment decision to find the good in anything and to get better and better does!

Thanks Oliver Fix for these wonderful tools you’ve provided us with. Stay tuned for more useful content, and let us help you take your game to the  next level 🙂

Oliver Fix




Team OnCore