4 Tips to Better Putting

Great insights from Mark Broadie (bestselling author of Every Shot Counts) who conducted extensive research on the world’s greatest putters. His article appeared in Golf Magazine, December issue.

Brad Faxon Putting

Brad Faxon

“I never cared about three-putting. I didn’t like to three-putt, but I didn’t stand over a 15-footer for birdie worrying about three-putting.” Brad Faxon (1992-2002 Faxon was the #1 putter on the PGA tour)

Takeaway 1: Get short putts to the hole. The better-putting 80-shooters leave 12 percent of their 10-footers short, compared with 17 percent for 90-shooters. [For pros, it’s only 7 percent.]

Takeaway 2: Short putts [say, three to eight feet] matter most. Better short putting leads to more one-putts and fewer three-putts.

Takeaway 3: Distance control matters. As Pat Goss, Luke Donald’s short-game coach, has said, “I don’t think there’s a more important skill in golf than controlling distance in putting.”

Takeaway 4: Compare your putting with the benchmark: 80-shooters average about one three-putt per round, 90-shooters average about two, and 100-shooters about three. If you average more three-putts than your benchmark, consider a putting lesson.

Putting Rank
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