3 Indoor Drills For Rock Solid Golf

Last week we discussed indoor exercises to strengthen your golf game during the off-season months. This week we are going to give you 3 rock solid drills that if performed correctly will drastically improve your golf scores. And remember these can be performed all from the comfort of your living room, as the snow piles up around you.

The Putter

Work on your distance control. Often when you ask golfers on a putting green what’s more important in putting- distance or direction? They tend to answer direction. Although direction is important, distance is far more important. To demonstrate why distance is the correct answer, my old golf pro would hit a put so hard, with perfect direction mind you, straight over the cup. Now he was left with a five footer coming back, not exactly ideal.

Drill #1 – Balance a golf ball on a penny, take a second golf ball from varying distances and using your putter try to get the two balls to “kiss”, without knocking the ball off the penny. This is very difficult, but its also very effective in getting you to think about distance control.


The Wedge 


For most golfers, myself included, the short game is the first part of our games to go when we take a few months off from golf. Chipping around the greens requires so much feel and touch (essentially control over all those tiny muscles in our hands)

Drill #2- 

You will need roughly 10 feet of open space, preferably more. Now place a small towel on the floor about ten feet away from you. Take your pitching wedge  and chip 50 balls trying to land them on the towel. Not before the towel, or after, but right on it- so you work on chipping into a target zone. The more you practice the better feel you will develop around the greens.


The Driver

No, we are not asking you to tee up a driver in your living room and blow a ball through your drywall. Although that might make for an interesting youtube video it will probably not help your golf game.  Adding more backswing torque to your swing generates distance and can be accomplished with one simple drill.

Drill #3

Sit in a chair with your feet spread out wide apart and flat on the ground.  Take your driver with one hand and grab the head of the club, with your other hand grab the grip. Now raise the club above your head and rest the shaft on your neck.  Turn your shoulders to the right and hold this position for a few seconds…you should feel the torque along your left side. Now turn your shoulders back to the starting address and relax. Repeat this several times.

Enjoy these 3 simple drills all from the comfort of your home, and stay tuned for our next post on how to master snow golf…we get a lot of that in Buffalo.



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