OnCore Golf x G&E Magazine: GENiUS BALL

Recently, our CEO and Chairman of OnCore Golf, Keith Blakely made an appearance on the G&E Magazine Podcast Show. Ryan Walker, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of G&E Magazine asked Keith a multitude of questions about the upbringing of OnCore Golf. In … Continued

OnCore’s ELIXR in the Wind

A professional basketball court is always 94 by 50 feet. A tennis court is 78 by 27 feet. An Olympic-size swimming pool is 164 feet in length. But a dimension never defines a golf course. With every shot in golf … Continued

Growth of Technology in Golf

Golf originated in Scotland back in the 15th century. Since then, equipment technology has been constantly evolving and improving. Legend has it that people would hit pebbles into the sand dunes of Scotland with a bent stick or “club.” One … Continued