Dare to be Different

What is it going to be like starting a company of your own?  That can be answered the same way you would answer the question, “What is it going to be like being a millennial?”. The answer is that you will be met with tremendous doubt; a lot of “this is the way it’s done” advice, voices pushing you to do things the way they did, and that “fitting in” is the key to success.

Since Steve and I started OnCore Golf, we have made an effort to surround ourselves with people who are smarter and more experienced, so that we would always be learning. After 5 years in the golf ball industry, that same commitment to learning is what has enabled us to survive when other golf companies had to shut down after 1-2 years. In 5 years, we’ve never changed our vision of originality when looking to achieve future success. Despite being told time and time again that success would be found in doing what everyone else was doing, we spent our time watching and learning in order to create something that had never been done before.


The “problem” is that OnCore is not okay with being a company of followers; we’re trendsetters. We relate with those who embrace individuality and who ignore being told what they can and cannot do. People of all ages can relate to this ideal, but I think the millennial generation is one that takes a lot of criticism because it’s a generation of content creators, idea generators and individuals trying to make their mark on a world that wants everyone to be the same and do things the way they have always been done. It’s a generation that has churned out 19 year old CEOs with business models that never existed. It is a generation that works to create their own masterpieces. We see OnCore as our brush and the industry is a blank canvas.


We want our legacy to be OUR legacy. By “our” I mean everyone who is attracted to the OnCore brand. It is about much more than OnCore the company.  In a way, it represents their passion and courage for individuality. You can be liked by others because you play it safe and fit in; or, you can be loved by others because of the fearlessness you show in being YOU!  We are not tracing or mimicking the works of others. We’re taking the Picasso approach- where staying within the pre-constructed lines is not part of the game plan. OnCore will continue to make creativity, originality and authenticity the lifeblood of its success. This is our company; this is your company. This is a company for those who want to be part of an army of individuals. You don’t need to look to others to find yourself. Go out and Be Bold, Be Colorful, Be Original and Be More. lgithbret